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Autoantibodies are antibodies that are produced by the B-cell immune system against an individual’s own antigens and play pivotal roles in the maintenance of healthy individuals’ homeostasis, as well as in tumors and autoimmune diseases. In the last two decades, tremendous efforts have been devoted to elucidate the generation, evolution and function of autoantibodies and their targets, autoantigens [1-9]. However, the previously identified autoantigens are randomly dispersed in the literature. Here we present a database containing 1,126 well-annotated autoantigens, determined by text-mining and manual curation [10]. AAgAtlas database 1.0 provides a user-friendly interface to conveniently browse, retrieve and download the list of autoantigens and their associated diseases. This database is freely accessible at

Publication: Dan Wang#, Liuhui Yang, Ping Zhang, Joshua LaBaer, Henning Hermjakob*, Dong Li* and Xiaobo Yu*. AAgAtlas 1.0: a human autoantigen database. Nucl. Acids Res.2017. 45 (D1): D769-D776


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